It’s really good that we met :)

I remember that how I started to my first post on wordpress 🙂 how exciting it was 🙂 I was mixed up when I saw the topics. they seemed me like an alien :)But now, at the end of the term, I can honestly say that, it was the most enjoyable lesson during this semester. I feel more comfortable now while I’m writing this post because I learned it 🙂 I have a lot of accounts for each tool and I have difficulty to remember all of them but I’m really happy because all of them works on education 😉

It’s really good to know the things that you learn will be useful in your teaching life. We need to know the tools in this lesson and I believe that it will be useful for me.

Maybe sometimes we seemed reluctant but you now we are KPSS students 🙂 and We have some deadly subjects 🙂

Eventually,  when I turn back, I see possitive things. and I hope I can use the tools that we covered during the term. And a huge thank goes to Sedat Akayoğlu teacher for his patience to us and  for his cheerful teaching style…

So, It’s really good that we met Computer Assissted Language Learning 😉


We will record our voice :)) And we’ll share it o a website… I think it will be so funny. We talked about podcasting and audioboo. The audioboo and podcasting are very new for me. we learned that we’ll record our voice with audioboo. Honestly, I didn’t like recording voice. I wish just our teacher could listen it 😀 look here, Now I have a time that I feel very ashamed :)) I really don’t have any idea what I’m going to talk about. anyway, I’ll find it 😉

I can use audioboo but I think I can prefer something else to teach english in my classroom. I don’t know maybe I can change my opinion because I don’t have any experience on using audioboo.

We started a new topic. Now, I just want to remember an event that I felt ashamed :)) because I’m sure that I failed in somewhere.

full of stories :)

This week our topics were digital story and story jumper. I have already known about digital story but it was the first experience with story jumper. They are both enjoyable and attractive. I could enjoy while working on it but I was really busy during this week and I used these tools just for homework.I didn’t enjoy while I was doing my works.

I need time to understand their benefits and I need time to think on these tools. Because they can be used in classroom environment and they can change the classroom’s boring atmosphere. Colorful materials are always effective but as I said before, I really don’t imagine how will I use them during my teaching life.

I wish had worked on them effectively. Anyway, best wishes for the next weeks 🙂

one more :/

Our topic was  twitter and facebook this week. I already know Facebook 🙂 I remember that I talked about facebook in my first post in the wordpress 🙂 I knew just facebook nearly 10 week ago. But now, I know something except for facebook.  I can use facebook in my classroom but I really don’t know anything about twitter 🙂 But I have an account and I will learn to use it in education.

I don’t know why I didn’t take a twitter account, I think I didn’t need it. Facebook seemed enough for communication and some educational groups.

I ‘m good at facebook, and I want to be good at twitter, too. I think, I can handle this, too 🙂

missing week :/

I really feel uneasy :/ because I missed Wiziq. And I think I was a little bit lazy for the last two weeks. I will try to learn what my friend learned about the wiziq. I couldn’t search it on the internet but one of my friends said one great thing about wiziq. with wiziq we don’t have to go to school 🙂 after I learned it, I felt really sad, how I missed this class time and this topic 🙂

Seriously, as I said before, there are really useful tools that we can use during teaching. we are in the technology age and we have to use these materials. we have to be fast and clever. We should creat new classroom environment. As Mahmut teacher said in the Hababam Sınıfı ‘ school is not a building with four wall ‘  So, we should use different environments on the internet and we should believe its benefits.

That’s all for the wiziq. I wish I could have been in this lesson. But I will never give up and I’ll learn details of Wiziq 😉

New week, two topics…

last week we talked about nicenet and dekoes. these are both used for to create an online classroom environment. In fact I really don’t love to use computers. I don’t know why I feel that but I prefer preparing everthing myself to preparing on computer. But I loved Dokeos and I feel that it is possible to use it in the future.  we can use it for assingments, chats, video conferencing and so on. It looks more enjoyable, useful and practical to use. I’m talking about its practicality but honestly I don’t have a complete opinion about how I will use it in the classroom environment.

I stronly believe that all tools that we learned are very useful but I forgot nearly half of them :/ because we need some more practice and we need classroom activities more. teacher says, we do… I can’t explain what is wrong but I’m sure there is something wrong. because we will prepare a final project and still I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know that is there anyone who thinks like me but thats the point. there are comprehension gaps in my mind and I can’t complete them. I just want to do my best, unfortunately I don’t know how to do :/

what a nice topic ‘ prezi ‘

I really enjoyed while we were talking about prezi. I think prezi is nearly the most useful topic which we have learned. thanks to prezi we can work with our friends together from home. it makes prezi practical. During four years in the universtiy education, we all came together with our group friends and tried to make presentations. and we generally couldn’t finish and we met in another day.  It was really tiring.. I wish I could learn about prezi before. I want to use prezi effectively.

As I learned today, we can add our group friends there and we can prepare our presentations together. And we can do it from home. we can work on our subject at the same time and we can change it whenever we want.

In prezi, we can add our teacher and s/he can control what is going on. I loved it because sometimes  some of the students don’t join the group works and get high point. It irritates me. thanks to prezi, teacher will be able to see works of each of us.

I just have one negative assessment for prezi, we cannot use prezi without internet. except for this negative point, I loved prezi and I want to use it.